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When is the deadline for ordering?

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Deadline for ordering and receiving your meals for the following week, is closed on Friday evenings.

After ordering, when should I expect my meals?

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All orders that are placed before Thursday of each week will be ready for deliver the following Sunday.

Can I cancel my subscription?

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You can cancel your subscription anytime, before payments have been made the same week.

You can log into your account and pause your subscription as well as add/remove things from your order at any time.

Delivery information

Do you Deliver?

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Yes, we do free deliveries to our designated pick up spots, as well as offer delivery to your door;

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When are the meals delivered?

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We deliver on Sunday afternoon, so the meals are available to enjoy for the coming week.

For drop off at our co-operating gyms; The meals will be available for pick up by Monday morning.

Can I cancel my meal?

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We do not take any cancellations of meals. A meal is only ordered once its been placed and payed for.


Does it work to freeze Fitmeals?

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You can freeze your Fitmeals, however we recommend they're eaten fresh for the best experience.

Do I need to prepare the food myself?

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No, all of our meals are complete dishes that are nutritionalist built.

What boxes do you guys use?

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We only use bio-degredable boxes to store our food in. 

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